My name is Hannah.

I'm a Jesus loving, Art Making, Coffee Drinking, Llama Lover,
Trying to chase down my dreams on this busy highway called life.

Warning: This blog is a haven of happiness.
Expect kittens, sparkles, and the occasional unicorn.







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hi im cactusies and i will be blogsitting for meghan while she got her exams :) feel free to delete 

hi I am arihzona(sophia) and I am blogsitting for cactiih while she is in new york :)

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Natalia Osipova in Giselle

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Your life is changed the moment you believe God loves you.

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And you’ll love each day, you’ll find joy in the mornings and life in the evenings. You’ll have so much, and nothing, you’ll have peace in that; because you’ll have Him.

We are striving for a place of renewal, where depression and sadness is gone, and where temporary values have been replaced with eternal values. In the end, we will have given our final sigh, and replaced it with the beginning breath.

- T.B. LaBerge // Jesus Christ: The Best Home (via tblaberge)

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there are pieces of me that i haven’t fully been since i was eleven years old, but they are peeking through, they are coming back, and i am beginning to see how along the way the world can steal things from you and how love can bring things back again. i’ve got fight in me yet.

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The beautiful thing about having a relationship with God is that He will not hold your past transgressions against you. Every minute is an opportunity to change who you were before. We are so blessed to have that. 

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